Exciting research opportunity!

Graduate Research Assistant - Experiments in Public Policy and Political Science

Dr. Cherie Maestas is inviting applications for a research assistant to work with her in conducting experimental and survey research to explore how communication strategies influence attitudes about public policies.  The selected student will gain hands-on practical experience in conducting research from the design phase through the data analysis phase.  The GRA will be given opportunities to field his/her own experiments. This position will provide training and experience in designing surveys in Qualtrics and other leading commercial survey programs such as Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo.  Students will also gain experience using Sona systems subject pool management software, and Stata, a statistical analysis program.  Interested students should submit a short statement indicating their interests and any previous experience related to the goals of the assistant along with the application to the PhD program.

Project Mosaic,,  is seeking an enthusiastic and competent graduate assistant to work with Project Mosaic. The successful person will be data-savvy, have a deep interest in quantitative research methods and statistical modeling with ability to teach specialized workshops on advanced topics. A strong foundation in survey design, sampling theory and expertise in at least one class of statistical models is necessary. In the past, Project Mosaic has offered workshops to the campus community ranging from econometric analyses (IV methods, panel data models) to advanced statistical modeling (multilevel models, structural equation modeling etc.) and data mining methods. The ideal person would be keen to learn new methods and train other social scientists and students. Apart from conducting workshops, the graduate assistant will also advise other researchers on methodological issues in their projects. Interested students should submit a short statement indicating their interests and any previous experience related to the goals of the assistantship along with the application to the PhD program.

Both of these research opportunities provide the highest level of funding that is guaranteed for at least two years.


The Public Policy program is committed to providing academic year funding for all full-time students for four years provided that students maintain good standing in the program. Students will receive a Graduate Assistantship that typically pays $16,000-$18,000 for the 9 month academic year.  Typically students are assigned either to a faculty member to participate in research or teaching support or they may be assigned to other professional development activities (e.g., Research and Economic Development,;  Center for Graduate Life,; Project Mosaic, Often students are able to receive an assistantship and additional support for the summer ($2500-$4500). In addition, highly competitive students may be nominated for one of the competitive Fellowship through the Graduate School; see:

In addition to Graduate Assistantships, all students who are admitted by the preferred deadline of March 15th will be nominated for a Graduate School Tuition Award (GASP). Students who are on an assistantship and in good standing are eligible for up to five semesters of GASP support that provides full payment of tuition and health insurance  

There are also a number of competitive awards (see the link to the Graduate School) that target first year students. Students interested in being nominated for one of these Fellowships must submit their application by February 1st

For more information on funding options contact Dr. Martha E. Kropf, Interim Director, Ph.D. in Public Policy,