Alumni Loren Trull is a Presidential Management Fellow

 Loren Trull

Lorén was hired to the White House Office of Management and Budget as a Presidential Management Fellow in August 2015. As a part of a rotational program she had the opportunity to do a detail in the Budget Review Branch (BRB), on the Community Solutions Team (CST) and ultimately landed in the Education branch. During her time at BRB she worked to prepare the FY 2017 Presidential Budget by serving as the team lead on Cuts, Consolidations and Savings and the Q&A sessions with the Director of OMB to resolve spending cross-cutting decisions for the Budget. As a member of the Community Solutions Team Lorén worked to help design, organize and launch the first annual Delivering Outcomes to Communities training.  The training was birthed out of the President’s directive for the Federal government to be a better partner to local communities through place-based policy and strategy-making.  The Delivering Outcomes training served 336 Federal employees across 20 different agencies and the team earned high praise from the President and his senior leadership on their efforts.

Lorén’s permanent home at OMB is now in the Education branch where she serves as a program examiner for a diverse portfolio. Lorén's current portfolio includes school choice, Native youth, English Language Learners, migrant students, homeless students, rural education, and other K-12 education programs. She also leads work on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education across OMB and serves as the OMB member of the My Brother’s Keeper taskforce.  During her short-time in the branch she has coordinated branch-wide projects such as the Initial Reads for the House and Senate Labor, HHS and Education bill and has worked with the Department of Education on the review of a number of documents including guidance, regulations and resource toolkits.