Beth Bjerregaard

Beth Bjerregaard
Job Title: 
Criminal Justice and Criminology
Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany, 1991
Research Interest: 
Dr. Bjerregaard's research interests include the study of gang membership and its relationship to delinquent behaviors, capital punishment, and Institutional Anomie theory. In researching these topics she has both employed quantitative methodology to the study of behaviors and engaged in legal analyses of the criminal justice system’s responses to such behaviors.





Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Bjerregaard, Beth and Joseph A. Cochran.  “The Role of School-Related Bonding Factors and Gender:  Correlates of Gang Membership Among Adolescents” Women and Criminal Justice, 22 (1): 30-53.

Cochran, John K. and Beth Bjerregaard. (January 9, 2011).    “Structural Anomie & Crime: A Cross-National Test” International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. DOI: 10.1177/0306624X10396071

Lord, Vivian B., Beth Bjerregaard, Kristie R. Blevins and Holly Whisman.  “Factors Influencing the Responses of Crisis Intervention Team-Certified Law Enforcement Officers” Police Quarterly 14 (4): 388-406.

Bjerregaard, Beth, Sondra J. Fogel, M. Dwayne Smith and Wilson R. Palacios. “Alcohol and Drug Mitigation in Capital Murder Trials: What are the Implications for Sentencing Decisions?”  Justice Quarterly 27 (4): 517-537.

Bjerregaard, Beth. “Gang Membership and Drug Involvement:  Untangling the Complex Relationship.” Crime and Delinquency 56 (1): 3-34. 

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Justice Policy
Methods and Analysis