John Szmer

John Szmer
Job Title: 
Associate Professor
Political Science and Public Administration
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 2005
Research Interest: 
Dr. Szmer's research examines the U.S. Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals, U.S. state courts of last resort, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Generally, I have focused on two central questions: the role that information plays in judicial decision making and the effects of diversity on the judicial process. Within these frameworks, I have explored a variety of topics, including party capability, attorney expertise and gender, judge gender and race, judicial efficiency, majority opinion assignment, and judicial dissensus.





Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Christensen, Robert K., John Szmer, and Justin Stritch. Forthcoming. “Race and Gender Bias in Three Administrative Contexts: Impact on Work Assignments in State Supreme Courts." Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory
Christensen, Robert K. and John Szmer. 2012. "Examining the Efficiency of the U.S. Courts of Appeals: Pathologies and Prescriptions." International Review of Law and Economics 32(1): 30-37.
Szmer, John, Erin B. Kaheny and Tammy A. Sarver. 2010. “Have We Come a Long Way, Baby?: The Influence of Attorney Gender on Supreme Court Decision Making." Politics and Gender 6(1): 1-36.
Szmer, John, Susan W. Johnson, and Tammy A. Sarver. 2007. “Does the Lawyer Matter? Influencing Outcomes on the Supreme Court of Canada.” Law and Society Review 42(2):279-304.
Szmer, John and Donald R. Songer. 2005. "The Effects of Information on the Accuracy of Presidential Assessments of Supreme Court Nominee Preferences." Political Research Quarterly 58(1): 151-160.

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Justice Policy
Methods and Analysis