Jorge De Santa Ritta

Jorge De Santa Ritta
285E Fretwell
MA, Duke University, 2012
Research Interest: 
Research focuses on the justice systems in constitutional democracies.
Ph.D. Expected: 
Current Research: Jorge's current research focuses on justice systems in constitutional democracies questioning their ability to promote and fully protect human rights, especially the fundamental right of access to justice.
Dissertation Title: Judicial Corruption in Constitutional Democracies (preliminary assessment)
  • Member of the Committee on the Reform of the Brazilian Judiciary (2007)
  • Member of the Committee for Judiciary Electronic Information (2007)
  • President of the Administrative Investigation Council at the Supreme Court (2006)
  • Awarded the Supreme Court Legal Studies Scholarship (2006)
  • Elected Chief Auditor of the Strategic Management Team at the Supreme Court (2004)


  • Book: Santa Ritta, Jorge Luiz de (2006). International Law Contributions to Fundamental Rights, LEXML, Brasilia, Brazil. Available at RVBI Network/STF.
  • Book: Santa Ritta, Jorge Luiz de (2003). The structure of the preliminary injunction in constitutional judicial review cases, Available at the IESB Library, Brasilia, Brazil. Santa Ritta, Jorge Luiz et al (2007). The Administrative Control of the Brazilian Judiciary, Final
  • Report. National Justice Council.

Research Papers:

  • The new Brazilian upheaval against everything, Constitutional Studies Dept. (2013)
  • The Amazon: Brazilian Environmental Public Policy v. International Agendas (2012)
  • International Regulation of Foreign Investments: The position of Brazil before the ICSID (2012)
  • Judicial Activism compared in Common Law and Civil Law systems, Duke Law (2012
  • Affirmative Action and the Minority Protection Law, STF Law (2008)
  • The Symbolic Constitution, IDP Law (2006)
  • The Internationalization of Family Law, Jurua Press (2006)
  • Hermeneutics and Constitutional Concretization, FESMPDFT Law (2004)
  • Court Complaints in Constitutional Control Systems, IBDP Law (2003)