Lauren Austin

Lauren Austin
285F Fretwell
Masters of History, UNC Charlotte 2007
Research Interest: 
Research interests are broad and include juvenile delinquency, literacy, school bullying, and the historical aspects of public policy.
Ph.D. Expected: 

Current Research: 

Lauren is currently working with Dr. Joseph Kuhns and Dr. Robert Brame on a proposal for the study of Early Intervention Systems in Law Enforcement Agencies.  She is  also writing a paper with Dr. Joseph Kuhns and Dr. Kristie Blevins looking at public safety concerns and actual crime statistics among sheriff's agencies in suburban and rural America. Finally, Lauren is working with Dr. William Brandon, Dr. Steve Sabol, and Dr. Shepherd McKinley on a book project, specifically the section related to the history of public health in NC during WWI.


  • Central Intelligence Agency Exceptional Performance Award

  • Accepted into the University of Richmond Law School

  • Accepted into Johnson & Wales Culinary School