Martha E. Kropf

Martha E. Kropf
Job Title: 
Interim Director Public Policy and Professor
Political Science and Public Administration
Ph.D., American University, 1998
Research Interest: 
Dr. Kropf's research interests are election administration, political behavior (turnout, early voting), political inequality.





Recent and/or Relevant Publications


Kropf, Martha and David Kimball. (2012). Helping America Vote: The Limits of Election Reform. Routledge.


Kropf, Martha, Timothy Vercellotti and David C. Kimball. (forthcoming, 2013). “Representative Bureaucracy and Partisanship: The Implementation of Election Law.” Public Administration Review.

Wemlinger, Elizabeth and Martha Kropf. (forthcoming, 2012). “Not a Suburban Soccer Mom: Political Engagement Among Lower SES Women.” Poverty & Public Policy 4(4).

Kropf, Martha. 2012. “Does Early Voting Change the Socio-Economic Composition of the Electorate?” Poverty & Public Policy 4(1): 1-19 (Article 3).

Jessica N. Link, Martha Kropf, Mark Alexander Hirsch, Flora M. Hammond, Jason Karlawish, Lisa Schur, Douglas Kruse and Christine S. Davis. 2012. “Assessing Voting Competence and Political Knowledge: Comparing Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries and ‘Average’ College Students.” Election Law Journal.

Kropf, Martha. 2009. “Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Norms of Cooperation, Public Broadcasting and the Collective Action Problem.” Social Science Quarterly 90(3): 538- 552.

Kimball, David C. and Martha Kropf. 2008. “Voting Technology, Ballot Measures and Residual Votes.” American Politics Research 36(4): 479-509.

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Methods and Analysis