Shelley Listwan

Shelley Listwan
Job Title: 
Associate Professor
Cirminal Justice and Criminology
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 2001
Research Interest: 
Dr. Listwan's research interest focuses on Correctional Rehabilitation, Criminology Theory, and Victimization in Prison.

Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Forthcoming   Listwan, S. J., Sullivan, C. J., Agnew, R., Cullen, F. T., & Colvin, C.  The pains of imprisonment revisited: The impact of strain on inmate recidivism.  Justice Quarterly.

2011 Shaffer, D. K , Hartman, J., Howell, T., Listwan, S. J.  Outcomes among drug court participants: Does drug of choice matter? International Journal of Offender Therapyand Comparative Criminology, 55, 155 –174.

2010 Listwan, S. J., Colvin, M., Hanley, D., & Flannery, D.  Coercion, social support, and psychological well being among recently released prisoners.  Criminal Justice and Behavior, 37, 1140-1159.

2010 Blevins, K., Listwan, S. J., Cullen, F. T., & Jonson, C. L.  A general strain theory of prison violence and misconduct: An integrated model of inmate behavior.  Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 1-19.

2009 Shaffer, D. K, Hartman, J., & Listwan, S. J.  Drug abusing women in the community: The impact of drug court involvement on recidivism.  Journal of Drug Issues, 39, 1045-1069.

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Justice Policy
Social Policy