Stephanie Moller Smith

Stephanie Moller Smith
Job Title: 
Professor and Chair
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2003
Research Interest: 
Dr. Smith's research interest focuses on Stratification and Social Policy and Educational Stratification.





Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Stephanie Moller, Roslyn Mickelson, Elizabeth Stearns, Neena Banerjee, and Martha Bottia.  Forthcoming.  “Collective Pedagogical Teacher Culture and Mathematics Achievement: Differences by Race, Ethnicity and Socio-Economic Status.” Sociology of Education  Forthcoming.

Stephanie Moller and Joya Misra. Forthcoming.  “Inequality“ in Kimberly Morgan and Christopher Howard (eds) Oxford Handbook of American Social Policy.  Oxford University Press.

Joya Misra, Stephanie Moller, Eiko Strader, and Elizabeth Wemlinger.  2012.  “Family Policies, Employment and Poverty among Partnered and Single Mothers.”  Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 30:113-128.

Stephanie Moller and Huiping Li.  2009. “Parties, Unions, Policies, and Occupational Segregation in the United states” Social Forces: 87: 1529-60.

Stephanie Moller, Arthur Alderson and François Nielsen.  2009. “Changing Patterns of Income Inequality in U.S. Counties”  American Journal of Sociology: 114:1037-1101.

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Social Policy