Suzanne Leland

Suzanne Leland
Job Title: 
Political Science and Public Administration
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1999
Research Interest: 
Dr. Leland's research interests focus around state and local government service delivery. This includes special purpose governments, business improvement districts, contracting out, the selling of public assets, school choice and public-private partnerships all critical issues facing public administrators at the state and local level. Dr. Leland has also worked on select other sub-national projects with my colleagues involving transportation policy, succession planning for local governments/nonprofits, and studied state legislators career patterns.





Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Leland, Suzanne & Dustin Read. Forthcoming. Stimulating Real Estate Development through Public-Private Partnerships: Assessing the Perceived Opportunities and Challenges. Public Administration Quarterly. 36: 3.
Leland, Suzanne, Joanne Carman & Nicholas Swartz. Forthcoming. Understanding Managerial Succession Planning at the Local Level: A Study of the Opportunities and Challenges Facing Cities and Counties. National Civic Review. 101:2.
Billings, Stephen, Suzanne Leland & David Swindell. 2011. The Effects of the Announcement and Opening of Light Rail Transit Stations on Neighborhood Crime.
Journal of Urban Affairs. 33:549-566
Read, Dustin & Suzanne Leland. 2011. Does Sector Matter? An Analysis of Planners’ Attitudes Regarding Politics and Competing Interests in the Planning Process. American Review of Public Administration. 41: 639-653.
Carman, Joanne, Suzanne Leland & Amanda Wilson. 2010. Crisis in Leadership or Failure to Plan? Insights from Charlotte, NC. Non-Profit and Management Leadership. 21: 93-111.

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Urban and Regional Development

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