Yang Cao

Yang Cao
Job Title: 
Associate Professor of Sociology and Adjunct Associate Professor of Organizational Science
Ph.D., Cornell University, 2000
Research Interest: 
Dr. Cao's research focuses on how institutional change reshapes organizations, employment, and individual well-being in contemporary China. Over the years he has studied a variety of topics such as income inequality, promotion, job change, gender disparity, labor relations, employment practices, work hours, and employee health, all in the context of China’s fast-changing postsocialist economy.




Recent and/or Relevant Publications

Yang Cao and Wei Zhao. 2009. “Localization in the Age of Globalization: Institutional Duality and Labor Management Structures in China’s Foreign-Invested Enterprises.”  Research in the Sociology of Work 19: 165-201.

Yang Cao and Chiung-Yin Hu. 2007. “Gender and Job Mobility in Postsocialist China: A Longitudinal Study of Job Changes in Six Coastal Cities.”  Social Forces 85 (4): 1535-1560.

Yang Cao and Victor Nee. 2005. “Remaking Inequality: Institutional Change and Income Stratification in Urban China.”  Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 10 (4): 463-485.

Yang Cao. 2004. “Behind the Rising Meritocracy: Market, Politics, and Cultural Change in Urban China.”  Social Science Research 33 (3): 435-463.

Yang Cao. 2001. “Careers inside Organizations: A Comparative Study of Promotion Determination in Reforming China.”  Social Forces 80 (2): 683-712.

Areas of Research and Teaching Expertise

Social Policy
Methods and Analysis
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