Environmental/Infrastructure Policy

The Policy Field in Environmental/Infrastructure Policy focuses on environmental issues impacted by energy production and consumption, growth, pollution, and population change. This specialty allows interested students to gain knowledge on the economic factors related to environmental degradation and improvement. It also allows them the opportunity to become familiar with the scientific aspects of urban air, water, and earth systems. Policy making and policy analysis related to these issues will all be covered by courses in this specialty.
Courses for this specialty typically include:
PPOL 8600  Transportation Policy
PPOL 8650  Environmental Policy
PPOL 8652  Energy and Environmental Economics
Two additional courses from these or other choices:
PPOL 8653  Urban Air Quality
PPOL 8655  Watershed Science and Policy
PPOL 8656  Earth Systems Analysis: Biogeochemical Cycles
Other courses appropriate for each specialty may be available and students may take these or substitute them for one of the listed classes in consultation with their Advisor and the Director of the Program.
Students are encouraged to develop a focus in other related fields or design their specialty based on faculty resources available. As with all programs, such a program would need the approval of the student’s advisor and the Director of the Program. Program faculty will continue to develop additional substantive and methods courses.