Director's Corner

Welcome to the Public Policy Program. 

We are excited about the terrific research and programming we offer to students, faculty, and the broader community. It is our mission to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries to tackle complex and challenging problems that face society.  While traditional displines excel at creating basic science knowledge, it is the process of bringing together knowledge from multiple disciplines and the insights of policy stakeholders that holds the best promise for finding transformative solutions. We seek to train our students in convergence science to seek knowledge through multiple lenses, communicate across disciplinary divides, and integrate knowledge to find evidence-based solutions to challenging policy and governance problems. 

Our research strengths fall within four broad categories - Equality and Opportunity, Development and Sustainability, Governance and Policy Administration, and Justice and Security Policy.  Faculty resesarch projects are funded through the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the Department of Defense, and other agencies and foundations. 

Please visit our Recent News page to learn more about recent events such as Talking Policy in the Queen City.  We learned a great deal about elections and election administration while enjoying an evening of networking and refreshments.  Featured guest speakers included Robert Hagemann, City Attorney for the City of Charlotte, Michael Dickerson, Director of Elections, Mecklenburg County and Elizabeth Goodwin, co-Founder We’re the Future, We Vote #WTFweVOTE. They were joined by faculty from Public Policy, Political Science and Public Administration,  Dr. Eric Heberlig, Dr. Suzanne Leland, Dr. Martha Kropf and Dr. Mary Jo Shepherd, and myself.  

Happy Election Season, 

Dr. Cherie Maestas

Marshall A. Rauch Professor 
Director, Public Policy Program