Yudo Anggoro

School of Business and Management

Bandung Institute of Technology

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Lauren Austin

Research Square

285F Fretwell

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Andrew David Baxter

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools


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Martha Cecilia Bottia

Sociology Department, UNC Charlotte

Assistant Professor

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Kristine Canales

Public Policy Program



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Nejra Cekic

Public Policy Program

Research Interests: Research interests revolve around economic development and public finances.

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Tammatha Altizer Clodfelter

Government & Justice Studies, Appalachian State University

Assistant Professor

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Joseph Cochran

285E Fretwell

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Eleonora Davalos

Department of Economics (in the School of Economics and Finance) at EAFIT University in Medellin, Colombia.

Assistant Professor

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Jackson Deziel

5076 Colvard

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Ashley Aull Dunham

Duke Translational Medicine Institute

Project Leader

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Melissa Duscha

285D Fretwell

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Jason Giersch

Political Science and Public Administration, UNC Charlotte

Assistant Professor

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Samuel Grubbs

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Program Manager for Academic Programs and Policies

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Cicily Hampton

UMWA Health and Retirement Funds

Deputy Director, Operations & Eligibility Services

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Huili Hao

Center for Sustainable Tourism

Research Director

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Hakan Hekim

Public Policy and Computer Forensic Institute of Forensic Sciences, Turkish National Police Academy

Assistant Professor

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John Holder

Instructor in Political Science, Winthrop University

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Katelin Hudak

Public Policy Program

Research Clusters: Equality and Opportunity Policy;
Research Interests: Evaluating how policies affect health outcomes, particularly in children and other vulnerable populations; health disparities; child diet quality, obesity and cardiometabolic health; food and nutrition policy; maternal and child health; food security; causal inference techniques; program evaluation

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Barbara B John

Pfeiffer University


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Karen Okhoya

285D Fretwell

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William Gregory Kennedy

Criminal Justice Technology, Central Piedmont Community College

Program Chair

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Gary Monoe Kunkle

Inc. Magazine and the Build Network

Economist in Residence

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Huiping Li

Department of Public Administration at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Assistant Professor

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Silva Mathema

Center for American Progress

Senior Policy Analysit, Center for American Progress, Washington DC

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Mary Jo McGowan

Political Science

Fretwell 445 G

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Charles McShane

Public Policy Program

Research Clusters: Infrastructure, Development and Sustainability Policy; Policy Process and Administration
Research Interests: Urban policy, regional economic development, land use

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Qingli Meng

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology - University of Northern Iowa

Assistant Professor

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Ami M Parker

Highland School of Technology

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JoEllen V. Pope

Public Policy Program

Degrees and Certifications: Ph.D. 2019 Dissertation: Flooded with complexity: Do organizational structural complexity, coordination, and managerial discretion impact natural disaster preparedness?

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Petra Porter

285D Fretwell

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Dustin C Read

Center for Real Estate and the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) Program, UNC Charlotte


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Hazel Marie Sarmiento

Center for Transportation Policy Studies

Research Associate

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Rachel Schorno

Public Policy Program

Rachel Schorno


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Olga Smirnova

Political Science, ECU

Assistant Professor

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Galen H. Smith III

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Research Assistant Professor

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Stephanie Southworth

Clemson University

Visiting Professor

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Stephen Stemkowski

Humana Pharmacy Services, CHA, Inc.

Practice Leader, Retrospective Observational Research

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Carol Odgen Stivender

UNC Charlotte

Clinical Lecturer

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Chengxiu Sun


Policy Analyst

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Nicholas Swartz

Public Policy and Administration, School of Public and International Affairs Department of Political Science James Madison University

Director & Assistant Professor

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Yoshiko Takahashi

Victim Services Certificate Program & Department of Criminology, California State University, Fresno

Associate Professor, California State University

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Hollie Tripp

460G Fretwell

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Sheena Trull

285F Fretwell

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Alexandra Tsvetkova

School of Public Policy, George Mason University

Visiting Scholar

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Ada Uche

Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness, Purdue University

Assessment Data Analyst

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Judith Walsh

Project Director, Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren Project

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Maureen Walsh Koricke

285F Fretwell

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Junfeng Wang

Public Administration, University of Illinois Springfield

Assistant Professor
(217) 206-6310

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Kristin Wells

Third-Party Risk Management

Vice President/Third-Party Risk Management

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Elizabeth Wemlinger

ADVANCE Faculty Affairs and Diversity Office, UNC Charlotte

Lead Evaluator

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Reid Wodicka

Town Manager, Woodstock, Virginia

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