Iván Flores Martínez

Public Policy Program


Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (2009-2011).

Research Interests:

Drug Policy and Education Policy

Ph.D. Expected:




Recent Research and Publications:

Flores M., Iván & Atuesta Laura. (2018). “Mourning our dead: The impact of Mexico’s war on drugs on citizens’ depressive symptoms”, International Journal of Drug Policy, Volume 60, 65 – 73. Flores M., Iván y Laura Atuesta (2018). “La guerra contra las drogas y la salud mental: los efectos sobre la población general”, Cuadernos de Trabajo del Monitor del Programa de Política de Drogas, CIDE-PPD, 1-41. Zizumbo-Colunga, Daniel & Iván Flores (2017). Is Mexico a Post-Racial Country? Inequality and Skin Tone across the Americas, Topical Brief # 31, Latin American Public Opinion Project. Reimers, Fernando M. & E. B. O ́Donnell (2016). "Fifteen letters on education in Singapore. Re ections from the American perspective,” translated to Spanish by Sergio Cárdenas Denham, Roberto Arriaga Martínez, Iván Flores Martínez, FCE, Mexico.