Joseph Cochran

285E Fretwell


MA in Liberal Studies, 2008, UNC Charlotte

Research Interest:

Joe's research interest focuses on Energy Policy, specifically Alternative Energy, Environmental Policy, Global Climate Change, Education Policy, Science Education, Justice Policy, and Sentencing.

When did you graduate?

December 2015

Current ResearchJoe's current projects are his dissertation which deals with Renewable Portfolio Standards and a paper with Dr. Beth Bjerregaard which deals with capital punishment issues. 

Dissertation Title:  Factors Determining RPS Design, Implementation and Outcomes:  Who Influences These Decisions and are the Outcomes Efficient?
Teaching Interests:
  • Research Methods
  • Criminal Justice


  • MA in Liberal Studies (2008)
  • MA in Ethics and Applied Philosophy (2008)

Recent Publications:

  • Schwarz, P. & Cochran, J.A. (2012).  Renaissance or Requiem: Is Nuclear Energy Cost Effective in a Post-Fukushima World?  Contemporary Economic Policy.
  • Bjerregaard, B. & Cochran, J.A. (2012).  The Role of School-Related Binding Factors and Gender: Correlates of Gang Membership Among Adolescents.  Women and Criminal Justice 22 (1): 30-53.

Conferences Attended:

  • Joseph Cochran, University of North Carolina, Charlotte.  "An Assessment of the Effect of Rare Events on Nuclear Energy Power Production: Managing Risks for a Carbon-Neutral Future." Presented at SECOPA 2011, New Orleans, Louisiana. 
  • Joseph Cochran, University of North Carolina, Charlotte.  "Utilizing Public Data to Determine Demand & Opportunities for Consolidating Nonprofit Organization.  Presented at ARNOVA 2011, Toronto, Canada.

Biographical Information: A native of Charlotte, NC, Joseph Cochran finished his undergraduate degree in Anthropology at UNC Chapel Hill in 1999.  After 9/11, he went into the US Navy, where he served honorably.  After receiving his honorable discharge, he enrolled in UNC Charlotte in a graduate program in Liberal Studies and, when it become available, a graduate program in Ethics and Applied Philosophy.  After receiving both of his master degrees, he then joined the PhD program of Public Policy in January 2009.