Qingli Meng

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology - University of Northern Iowa
Assistant Professor

When did you graduate?

Spring 2011



What were the top three things you took away from the program?

1. Academic Environment

2. Academic Discipline

3. Academic Structure

What advice do you have for new PPOL students in regards to successfully completing grad school?

Study hard, then you will find during the Dissertation stage you will be benefit from all your hard work during the course study.

What job search tips do you have for current students?

Publication is the most important if you want to find a job in academic field. In my case, it is quite different from the others in the way that I have been investing on my future career since the beginning of my PhD study at UNCC. I worked all the way throughout the whole process of my study combining both administrative and academic work. The process was full of hardship, however, the outcome has been proved fruitful. For each of the piece of work I had done, I got reward directly or indirectly which is very helpful for my current job and would be rewarding for my future career, in both administrative position and academic position.

All I can say is that opportunities are for those who are well prepared.

What type of job market preparations do you suggest?

For international students, I would say academic position would be ideal given the visa constrain.


Dr. Meng is also a Research Fellow, The Anti-corruption Research Center, Beihang University, Beijing, China.  Her most recent publication, Corruption in Transitional China is now available..