Samuel Grubbs

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Current Position:  Analyst, South Carolina Commission on Higher Education 


PhD Public Policy, UNC Charlotte

MS Appied Economics and Statistics, 2011, Clemson University-MBA, 2010, Mississippi State University-BS Business Administration, 1998, Western Carolina University

Research Interest:

Sam's research interests involve workforce development, college administration, teaching and learning, and economics.

Current Research: Sam is currently using the Educational Longitudinal Study to investigate the impact of attending and graduating from a community college on future academic and employment success.
Dissertation Title:  The Community College: Access to Opportunity or Barrier to Success
Teaching Interests:
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Higher education policy
  • International higher education
  • Student affairs
  • Community colleges
  • Public policy theory
  • Comparative public policy


Accomplishments: Lucille P. and Edward C. Giles Dissertation-Year Fellowship (2015) – Competitive award based on research that includes all tuition and fees, $20,000, and an additional $1,000 in travel funds
Recent Publications:
  • Grubbs, S.J., Speights, S.L., & Rubin, B.A. (2015). Helping displaced workers: A case study of human capital and community factors. Sociation Today, 13(1), available at
  • Grubbs, S.J. (2013). Student perceptions of Thai university initiations. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 33(3), 310-323Grubbs, S.J. (2012). An investigation of a Thai university initiation. Asia Pacific Education Review, 13, 39-46. 
  • Grubbs, S.J. (2012). Differing gender preferences for educational media amongst Thai students studying English at university. Learning, Media, and Technology, 37, 105-118.
  • Grubbs, S.J., Jantarach, V., & Kettem, S. (2010). Studying English with Thai and native-speaking teachers: A study of students’ preferences. Teachers and Teaching, 16, 559-576.
  • Grubbs, S.J., Chaengploy, S., Worawong, K., (2009). Rajabhat and traditional universities: Institutional differences in Thai students’ perception of English. Higher Education 57, 283-298.
  • Grubbs, S.J., & Jantarach, V. (2007). Perceptions of English: A look at two Thai universities. Journal of Education, Silpakorn University, 4(2), 142-158.
  • Grubbs, S. (2006) The administrative oversight of campus religious groups in the Southeast. Journal of College & Character, 7(8). Available at
  • Grubbs, S., & Grubbs, K.C. (2005). An assessment of e-learning as it relates to Thai higher education. Journal of Education, Silpakorn University, 3(1), 43-61.
Conferences Attended:
  • Association For Public Policy Analysis and Management
  • Midwestern Political Science Association
  • Southern Sociological Society
  • Southeastern Conference for Public Administration
  • North Carolina Political Science Association
  • North Carolina Sociological Association
Biographical Information:

Sam Grubbs is originally from the Charlotte area. He has had a career in higher education. After teaching in Thailand and at regional community colleges, he decided to pursue his doctoral degree in Public Policy. He intends to pursue an academic career in higher education and public policy.