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Dr. Elizabeth Racine and Doctoral Student Katelin Hudak

Public Policy Researchers Present International Webinar on Food Policy Effects on a Local Business

On March 26, Public Policy Faculty Member Elizabeth Racine and doctoral student Katelin Hudak will present their research, titled "How food assistance adoption impacts food sales at a discount variety store" in an international webinar held by the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA). ISBNPA has over 800 members across 44 countries with a mission to "stimulate, promote and advocate innovative research and policy in the area of behavioral nutrition and physical activity toward the betterment of human health worldwide." 

“Usually, when people study the food stamp program they look at “what is the impact of food stamps to health?” or “why do people need to be on food stamps?” or “how does it influence food insecurity?” and all those line of research are important but I’m trying to look at it more from an access, so “if you get these benefits, where can you spend them?” and “how does your ability to access those benefits influence your diet?” said Dr. Racine.

Dr. Racine and Ms. Hudak have been collaborating on topics related to food security and the effects of food assistance programs. Dr. Racine is Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences and a key member of the Public Policy faculty. Katelin Hudak is completing her dissertation, titled Nutrition and Health among Low-income Children: Estimating the Association with SNAP using a Quasi-Experimental Approach. Their webinar showcases the influence of the supplemental nutrition program, Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC), on the sales of food in a local variety store before and after the adoption of the program.


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